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Family Pictures (25 photos)

Collected Programs and Related Memorabilia

(Olivet and Washington University) (322)

Symphony (87)

Theater (276)

Church Appearances (66)

1963-1965 Quincy College Faculty (Parochial School Music Program) (56)

1969-1972 Hardin-Jefferson Junior High (20)

1969-1972 Lindenwood Colleges, St. Charles, Mo. (25)

Teaching - University of Illinois - Faculty/Summer Youth/Allen Hall (51)

Concerts with My Compositions (19)

Squareknot Quartet (136)

Indonesian Adventure (153)

Guido-Marriage, Nature's Table, A.D. (163)

Students - mostly in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois (117)

Artists In Motion (70)

1991 Landmark Dining Room, Champaign, Illinois (34)

Brenda Rucker (38)

Writings (14)

Notre Dame (27)

Awards and Recognition (25)

Cards. Letters, and Memorabilia (74)