Get to know how HLP operates, the process, fees, and details.


Send a PDF file of your score via e-mail. If possible, just send the harp part. I will examine your score and assess a fee for my work.


Once the fee has been agreed upon, I will commence with the editing. You will receive my edit markings via an email attachment, fax, or snail mail. In order for my marks to be clear, it is sometimes necessary for me to obtain darker copies and then send a package to you via snail mail.

Many of the issues can be dealt with via email, but sometimes telephone conversations may be required. I will spend as much time with you as needed to produce a viable score.


At the end of the process, your score will be included in the Harp Legacy Project Collection to be donated to the Sousa Archives where my life and works are being preserved. On your score you will need to indicate my contribution as the editor/consultant in order for your composition to be accepted into the archives. The acknowledgment should read: Shirley Meyer Blankenship-harp editor/consultant.

If you send me a hard copy, it will be submitted to the University of Illinois Music Library as part of The Harp Legacy Project.


Payments can be made via Paypal or check.


How do I get started?
Send an email to Shirley Meyer Blankenship with a pdf of your score.

What are the benefits of participating in this project?
  • At the end you will have a "harpist friendly" harp part. This will increase the chances of your work being performed.
  • In the process, you will become more conscious of the issues involved in composing for this instrument thereby enhancing your compositional skills.
  • You will have contributed to the creation of viable harp notation that more closely resembles the actual execution by the harpist.
  • Your edited score will likely increase your chances for publication.
  • By allowing me to send our work to other composers, you will be assisting them in their endeavors to write competent and idiomatic harp scores. (Optional - by agreement only)
  • In order for your work to be included in the Harp Legacy Project Collection, which will be donated to the Sousa Archives:
    • Include my name, Shirley Meyer Blankenship, on the harp part as being the editor/consultant.
    • Send me a copy of the final version. At no extra expense, I will look this over for any possible needed adjustments.
How do I make payment?
Send a check or via paypal.

How long does the process take?
The length of the process is highly dependent on how much time a composer devotes to the incorporation of the edit suggestions. The shortest piece was completed in three days, while the longest has been three months.



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