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Harp Score Editing

All too frequently composers are unfamiliar with the intricacies of harp techniques and notation, consequently, harpists are often compelled to rewrite their parts to make them accessible. The services provided by the The Harp Legacy Project empower composers to create viable and idiomatic harp notation thereby enabling them to preserve the integrity of their musical intentions. Read our mission statement.

Shirley Blankenship, DMA

After fifty years of encountering harp scores that were, at best, awkward to play and at worst, impossible, composer/harpist Dr. Blankenship initiated The Harp Legacy Project in 2011. This project provides an opportunity for composers to engage in the process of creating scores that are inviting and comprehensible to harpists.

Through the Mind of a Harpist

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What we offer

In addition to editing and consultation services, we offer tutorials in the form of “before and after” pages where it is possible to examine the originial scores with the edited versions along with explanatory commentary. Once a score has been edited, it will be donated to the Sousa Archives where Blankenship's legacy is being preserved. Participating in this project therefore makes your work historically significant as well as a guide for present and future composers of harp music.